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Cedar Shakes and shingles


CWS has years of experience in the installation of cedar products. We also do cedar repairs and cedar roof restoration.

British Columbia is home of some of the best Cedar in North America and still has a decent amount of old growth cedar which is used for roofing. Natural preservative oils make Red Cedar shakes and shingles virtually imperishable. 

We never install cedar roofs on a sheeted roof deck.

Cedar needs to breathe and be able to release the moisture that gets soaked up during rain.

The only underlayment we recommend for cedar is interweaved perforated asphalt felt paper.

A cedar roof should never be installed on directly on a plywood deck. Strapping boards should be used to achieve proper airflow.

If synthetic underlayments are required for building code or building specification Cedar breather must be used.


CWS offers a wide variety of Handsplit or Sawn shakes and shingles to match every building need.


We also offer Cedar Roof Restorations, Cedar Roof Repairs and an affordable maintenance program combined with our LEAK FREE warranty.


To restore a cedar roof it must be in accepteble shape and should not be older than 15 years if less than 6 pitch. CWS will repair the entire roof, replace ridge caps and add ventilaton before the roof gets washed and treated.

The cedar roof treatment CWS uses is STA Brite R, which replaces the the missing oils in aging cedar. 


Some of the benefits are:


  • Water-repellent and weather-resistant cedar wood protection.

  • Enhances the natural beauty of exterior wood.

  • Helps prevent deterioration from sunlight and moisture exposure.

  • Extends—or even doubles—the service life of cedar roofs.

  • Protects wood against cupping, curling and warping.

  • Water-based, environmentally friendly formulation.

  • Minimal odor and no concerns about VOC emissions.

  • Available in six appealing stain colors: Cedar, Brown, Dark Brown, Light Gray, Medium Gray and Charcoal.






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